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Escape Game Paris - Gamescape - Paris 11

One Hour - One Team - One amazing adventure

This escape room takes you in the footsteps of the prisoner in the iron mask. You and your companions have been mandated by the revolutionary tribunal to shed light on the existence of this legendary prisoner. In an hour, the Bastille will fall, you will have little time to complete your investigation and escape. Shackled by your heavy chains, locked in this dismal jail ... your chances of escape are slim. After all, no one has ever escaped the Bastille dungeons.
Setting : Dungeon

Search:         3/5
Logic:            3/5
Teamwork:   5/5

Language: English and french 
Duration: 60 minutes

Number of players: 2 to 5 players
Recommended for:
Begginers, Friends, Familys, Bachelor(ette) parties, Birthdays
Photo escape game le cachot de la Bastille

Escape room Gustave Eiffel Gamescape
Ambiance : Belle époque

Difficulty :     3/5
Search :        4/5
Logic :           3/5
Teamwork :  4/5
Language : anglais et français 
Duration: 60 minutes

Number of players: 3 to 5 players
Recommended for:
Intermediate Players, Friends, Family, Team building, Scientific Minds .

This Escape Room invites you to a special job interview for the man who built the tallest tower in the world. Gustave Eiffel himself wants you to be part of his team of engineers. But before you actually meet him, you will have to prove yourself worthy. To determine whether or not he would take the time to receive you, the engineer has developed a series of enigma that you will have to solve. Defeat this ordeal in one hour to impress the great man.

Robbing Arsène Lupin isn't going to be easy but it might pay off. If you manage to bring back a letter that Arsène Lupin stole from her, the countess of Cagliostro offered to share the treasure of the king of France. This adventure will take you further than you ever imagined !
Ambiance : Burglary

Difficulty :     4/5
Search :        2/5
Logic :           4/5
Teamwork :  4/5
Language : anglais et français 
Duration: 60 minutes

Number of players: 3 to 5 players
Recommended for:
Expert Players, Friends, Family, Bachelor(ette), Criminal Minds .
Escape room Gentleman Cambrioleur Gamescape

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Map escape game paris 11
Gamescape is openned:
Everyday from 10Am to 108PM.

Our three escape rooms are located at:
17 rue de la pierre levée, 75011 Paris

Métro: République - Goncourt - Parmentier

Reservation needed.
We recommend arriving 10 minutes early for an optimal experience.
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 0033 1 77 12 23 62