Family friendly Escape Game in Paris

Experience a true family adventure with Gamescape, where each puzzle becomes an opportunity to strengthen bonds and create unforgettable memories. Dive into a mysterious world, solve exciting puzzles, and share moments of camaraderie that only an escape game can provide.

In Paris, Gamescape opens the doors to an extraordinary gaming experience, where both young and old join forces to triumph over the most captivating challenges. Get ready for an exhilarating journey full of puzzles, laughter, and camaraderie, as at Gamescape, every escape becomes a memorable family epic.

Gamescape stands out as the must-visit destination for escape games in Paris. Its three escape games located in Paris 11 have been designed to delight both young and old. Nothing brings us more joy than hosting groups where multiple generations enjoy together on the same escape game.

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Why play in an escape room with your family?

A. Strengthening Family Bonds Through Puzzle Solving

Escape games at Gamescape offer a unique experience to strengthen family bonds. By collaborating to solve captivating puzzles, each family member contributes to collective success. This shared experience creates lasting memories and fosters a sense of camaraderie among parents, children, and even extended family members.

B. Stimulating Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication

The escape game is more than just entertainment – it's an opportunity to enhance strategic thinking, collaboration, and communication within the family. By working together to solve challenges, participants develop crucial skills while having fun. Everyone has a role to play, encouraging the contribution of all and reinforcing family dynamics.

C. Memorable Experience Shared by All Family Members

In an era of screen omnipresence, real-life shared moments are the most memorable. At Gamescape, the phone stays in the locker. For an hour, everyone's attention is focused on the game and the present moment. The escape game becomes a playful interlude in the family routine, leaving a positive imprint in everyone's memories.

Why Choose Gamescape for an escape game with yuour family?

A. Scenarios Tailored for All Ages

At Gamescape, our scenarios are designed to appeal to every family member, from the youngest to the oldest. Whether it's for budding young detectives or teenagers eager for challenges, our escape games offer accessible and captivating puzzles suitable for each age group.

B. Safe and Friendly Environment for Children

Your safety and that of your children are our top priorities. Our escape rooms are not scary. Gamescape creates a secure gaming environment where families can fully enjoy the experience without worries. The rooms are designed to ensure participants' safety, and our gamemasters ensure a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

C. Team of Experienced Gamemasters to Guide Families

At Gamescape, our experienced gamemasters are there to guide you throughout your adventure. Their expertise ensures that every family member understands the rules of the game, feels comfortable, and fully enjoys the experience.

Our family friendly scenarios

A. Detailed Description of Scenarios Tailored to Different Age Groups

At Gamescape, we've crafted captivating scenarios suitable for every family member. Explore together our three unique escape games designed to appeal to both young and old:

The Jail of La Bastille: This escape game is highly recommended for families with children or groups of less-experienced players. The immersive setting and well-thought-out puzzles appeal to both the young and the young at heart.

Interview with Gustave Eiffel: An original experience for all ages. Dive into the Paris of the Belle Époque with puzzles suited for the reflection of teenagers and adults. The younger ones also enjoy the prevalent exploration aspect in this game. The elegant ambiance makes this escape game a unique adventure for families.

Gentleman Burglar: For families seeking thrills, this heist scenario offers an exciting adventure. With puzzles adapted to different skill levels, families can immerse themselves in an experience full of twists and mysteries.

icone de réservation cachot de la bastille

The jail of "La Bastille"

Difficulty; :   difficulty 2/5
Search :        3/5
Logic :          3/5
Teamwork :  5/5
Capacity: 2 to 5 players
Setting : Dungeon
Language : book an escape room 

booking icon escape room entretien with gustave eiffel

Interview with Gustave Eiffel

Difficulty :     3/5
Search :         4/5
Logic :           3/5
Teamwork :  4/5
Capacity : 3 to 5 players
Setting : Belle Epoque
Langues : Escape game language 

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image arsene lupin escape room 300x300

Gentleman Burglar

Difficulty :    4/5
Search :        2/5
Logic :           4/5
Teamwork :  4/5
Capacity : 3 to 5 players
Setting : Robbery
Langues : English and french 
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How to book a family escape game at Gamescape

A. Simple Instructions for Online Booking

Booking an escape game is easy at Gamescape. You can book your escape game online directly on our website, where you'll have access to our availability. Payment is made at the time of booking. Children are welcome from the age of 9. We recommend that from 9 to 15 years old, they be accompanied by two adults. Beyond the age of 15, one adult is sufficient. Note that it is possible to book using holiday vouchers or pay with a Culture Pass.

B. Customization Options for Birthdays, Family Celebrations, etc.

Planning to come for a special event? Gamescape can offer various options to customize your experience in our escape rooms. You can rent a space for a birthday party or ask the gamemasters to hide a gift in the room, for example.

Gamescape - Escape game in Paris' 11th district

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Gamescape is openned:
Everyday from 10Am to 108PM.

Our three escape rooms are located at:
17 rue de la pierre levée, 75011 Paris

Métro: République - Goncourt - Parmentier

Reservation needed.
We recommend arriving 10 minutes early for an optimal experience.
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 0033 1 77 12 23 62