Be the heroes in our live escape games!

Gamescape and its three live escape games are located in the heart of Paris. In settings inspired by the works of Méliès, Jules Verne, Tolkien and JK Rowling, our live escape games make you travel back in time to experience the legends of Paris as if you were there.

Teamwork is the key to your escape!

Locked in a strange room
60 minutes to escape
In teams of 3 to 5 players.

What is a live escape game?

You and your team (3-5 players) will be locked up in an "escape room" filled with secrets and mysteries. Your goal: escape!
How, you ask? In a live escape game you need to be clever, resourceful... and quick!
You only have 60 minutes to do so. Every second counts, you and your team will need to work together if you want to successfully get away.

In the center of Paris, come play one of our three live escape game!

Three different live escape games await you at Gamescape. They will literally transport you into another world and another time.
Wether you're a beginner or an escape artist, you can find a suitable challenge for you and your team.
Our three live escape games are inspired by iconic stories of the city of Paris.
All are full of surprises and mysteries. You can never know when the game starts and when it ends...

The jail of "La Bastille"

Difficulty; :  
Search :        3/5
Logic :           3/5
Teamwork :  5/5
Setting : Prison
Language :  


Interview with Gustave Eiffel

Difficulty :    
Search :         4/5
Logic :           3/5
Teamwork :  4/5
Setting : Belle Epoque
Langues :  


The alchemist's challenge

Difficulty :   
Search :        3/5
Logic :           4/5
Teamwork :  5/5
Setting : Paris in the Middle ages
Langues :  


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Off peak-tickets
(Weekdays noon to 4pm)

Team of 5 : 19€/pers

Team of 4 : 23€/pers

Team of 3 : 27€/pers
Peak time tickets
(Weekdays 6pm to 8pm and the week-end)

Team of 5 : 25€/pers

Team of 4 : 27€/pers

Team of 3 : 29€/pers


Gamescape is only a  5minutes walk from the subways République (line 3,5,9,11) and Parmentier (line 3)
We are located at 17 rue de la pierre levée 75011 Paris

Gamescape is open from 12pm to 8pm during the week
and from 10am to 10pm in the week end, reservation needed.
Telephone: 0033.

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