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Escape game for beginners in Paris

Are you looking to play an escape game for beginners? Is this the first escape game for all or part of the players on the team? Follow our guidelines, we will explain everything to you to fully enjoy your escape game at Gamescape.

What is an escape room?

The concept of the escape room is quite simple. Locked in a room, in teams of 2 to 5 players, you have one hour to escape. To achieve this, you will have to organize yourself as a team to search the room and solve a series of puzzles. A game master watches over you thanks to cameras and if necessary he will help you during the game. An escape game is a bit of a collective challenge, an investigation to be carried out, a puzzle to be assembled piece by piece. The most difficult thing is to manage to finish in less than an hour.

How to choose an escape room?

If you are a beginner, we advise you to choose the escape room “The Jail of La Bastille. This escape game was completely remodeled in 2021. The sets are magnificent, the dungeon atmosphere is very immersive. The puzzles are simple and well balanced for a group of beginner players. Ideally, for your first escape game, try to bring together a team of at least 3 or 4 people. If you have already done a few, you can possibly try to play this two-player escape game.

Escape room - Jail of "La Bastille"

This escape room takes you in the footsteps of the prisoner in the iron mask. You and your companions have been mandated by the revolutionary tribunal to shed light on the existence of this legendary prisoner. In an hour, the Bastille will fall, you will have little time to complete your investigation and escape. Shackled by your heavy chains, locked in this dismal jail ... your chances of escape are slim. After all, no one has ever escaped the Bastille dungeons.
Setting : Dungeon

Search:         3/5
Logic:            3/5
Teamwork:   5/5

Language: English and french 
Duration: 60 minutes

Number of players: 2 to 5 players
Recommended for:
Begginers, Friends, Familys, Bachelor(ette) parties, Birthdays
Photo escape game le cachot de la Bastille

How to book your escape room?

Thanks to our online booking system, you can easily check our availability online. Payment for the escape game is made online when booking. If you are unsure of the number of players or want to advance less money, you can book for the minimum number of players and complete on the spot. Also note that Gamescape is eligible for the culture pass.

How to win an escape room when you are a beginner?

Many believe that to succeed in an escape game, intelligence is the most essential quality. It's wrong. The puzzles are designed to be doable by everyone. The most important thing is to be organized, methodical and to use common sense. At the start of your adventure, one of our charming gamemasters will brief you. Listen to him carefully because if you follow his advice, the game will be much easier. It's a bit like wanting to assemble an ikea piece of furniture, without following the instructions. You can certainly do it, but you'll make more mistakes and waste time.
Step 1: Search the room and collect the clues.
The first thing you need to do is search. Search quickly because your time is limited but above all search everywhere! Run your hands over and under all shelves, furniture, drawers, rugs. when you think you've found everything, search again and go back to where your teammates went. Trust does not exclude control. Gather in the center of the room everything you found before going to step 2.

Step 2: Work as a team
Once you've gathered a number of clues, it's time to start tying things together. Found a key? So try to open a padlock or lock. Do you have a text? Read it out loud so everyone can hear it. You will go faster than if everyone reads it separately. Talk to each other and listen to each other in order to progress together. Teamwork is the most difficult aspect of the game because everyone must know how to make their ideas heard but also listen to those of others.

Step 3: Take action
To hesitate is to waste time. When you start in an escape game, you are often afraid of making mistakes, of doing harm. Better to make a mistake than to do nothing. Often players are afraid of doing wrong. Often it is better to take a chance and get lost for a few minutes on the wrong track rather than hesitate for a few minutes and wonder what to do. If someone has an idea, don't tell them: "No, it can't be that". Let him try. This will allow you to eliminate a possibility. If you have an idea, don't wait for validation from your team. Follow your intuition and take action!