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Gamescape has three escape rooms for teams of 3 to 5 people . Our adventures are inspired by french history and litterature. You can follow the footsteps of the man in the iron mask and escape from the jail of Bastille, pass a peculiar job interview with Gustave Eiffel or play a gentleman burgler like Arsène Lupin. Come live an amazing immersive experience in stylised settings and rich universes.

Our Escape Rooms are located in the eleventh district in Paris, at 17 rue de la pierre levée. All games are accessible from age nine accompanied by two adults, beyond fifteen years old only one adult in mandatory. The clues all have an english version to accomodate english speaking players.

You can book your escape game online and see in real time if a room is available or not. Feel free to read our F.A.Q should you have any question regarding our games or our sanitary protocols. You can also  contact us on [email protected] or by phone 0033.
Off peak-tickets
(Weekdays noon to 4pm)

5 Players : 19€/pers

4 Players : 23€/pers

3 Players : 27€/pers
Peak time tickets
(Weekdays 6pm to 8pm and the week-end)

5 Players : 25€/pers

4 Players : 27€/pers

3 Players : 29€/pers

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icone de réservation cachot de la bastille

The jail of "La Bastille"

Difficulty; :  
Search :        3/5
Logic :          3/5
Teamwork :  5/5
Setting : Dungeon
Language :  

booking icon escape room entretien with gustave eiffel

Interview with Gustave Eiffel

Difficulty :    
Search :         4/5
Logic :           3/5
Teamwork :  4/5
Setting : Belle Epoque
Langues :  

image arsene lupin escape room 300x300

Gentleman Burglar

Difficulty :    4/5
Search :        2/5
Logic :          4/5
Teamwork :  4/5
Setting : Robbery
Langues : English and french