The price of our escape rooms in Paris

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Gamescape offers escape games in Paris from €19 per person. In teams of 2 to 5 players, come and play in our escape games at one of the cheapest prices on the Parisian market. We also offer a special rate for two person teams. Gamescape is in the top 10 escape games in Paris according to the trip advisor ranking. You will find all the information concerning our prices below.

Off peak-tickets

(Weekdays noon to 4pm)

5 Players : 19€/pers

4 Players : 23€/pers

3 Players : 27€/pers

2 Players* : 43,50€/pers

Peak time tickets

(Weekdays 6pm to 8pm and the week-end)

5 Players : 25€/pers

4 Players : 27€/pers

3 Players : 29€/pers

2 Players* : 43,50€/pers
* only available for the escape room "Jail of la Bastille"

How much does an escape game cost?

The prices of our escape game vary according to two criteria. We offer two rates, off-peak hours (weekdays before 18h) and full hours (evening and week end). Depending on the number of players, the price of your escape game also changes.Gamescape's escape the room are in the low price range of escape games in Paris while maintaining a level of quality whose reputation is second to none. Book your escape game session now and at the best price! No intermediaries, no waiting. Our availabilities are posted online and our rates are transparent.

What does the price of the escape game include?

The prices of our escape rooms include the Gamescape gaming experience as a whole. If the game lasts 60 minutes, think it takes about 90 minutes on the spot taking into account, the warm welcome, the professional and passionate rules briefing, the game, the debriefing and the traditional souvenir photo. We offer slots every two hours to have time to tidy the rooms between two escape game sessions and to have some flexibility if a group of players arrives with a little delay.

Escape hack!

Our prices do not change during holidays. Take advantage and come play in our escape rooms in off-peak time!

Pay your escape room with Pass culture

The Pass culture is a state aid allowing young people aged 15 to 18 to pay for all or part of your escape game session using the pass culture application. 18-year-olds benefit from €300 for 24 months to book local cultural and recreational offers. Young people aged 15 benefit from €20 to spend on the application and young people aged 16 and 17 also benefit from €30.

To participate in our escape games, the presence of an adult in the team is mandatory. Don't wait any longer to book your escape game with the Pass Culture!
icone de réservation cachot de la bastille

The jail of "La Bastille"

Difficulty; :   difficulty 2/5
Search :        3/5
Logic :          3/5
Teamwork :  5/5
Capacity: 2 to 5 players
Setting : Dungeon
Language : book an escape room 

booking icon escape room entretien with gustave eiffel

Interview with Gustave Eiffel

Difficulty :     3/5
Search :         4/5
Logic :           3/5
Teamwork :  4/5
Capacity : 3 to 5 players
Setting : Belle Epoque
Langues : Escape game language 

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image arsene lupin escape room 300x300

Gentleman Burglar

Difficulty :    4/5
Search :        2/5
Logic :           4/5
Teamwork :  4/5
Capacity : 3 to 5 players
Setting : Robbery
Langues : English and french 
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Contact us

Would you like more information about our escape rooms? You want to organize a team building, a private event (bachelor party, bachelorette party, anniversary)? Contact the Gamescape team on 06 64 33 23 84, by email on [email protected] or through this contact form. We respond within 24 hours to any request.
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Gamescape is openned:
Everyday from 10Am to 108PM.

Our three escape rooms are located at:
17 rue de la pierre levée, 75011 Paris

Métro: République - Goncourt - Parmentier

Reservation needed.
We recommend arriving 10 minutes early for an optimal experience.
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 0033 1 77 12 23 62