Multi Team Escape Game

Up to 200 players can play at the same time!

Gamescape regularly organizes Multi-team escape games in a few venues in Paris . In this new kind of escape game, multiple teams of 5 to 6 players can compete on the same riddles, in the same room at the same time!

This escape game focuses on competition and reflection. You and your teammates have 90 minutes maximum to try to unlock the secrets of a mysterious secret society.

This escape game is very much appreciated for a team building, a business seminar or for groups looking for an original activity for 18 to 54 participants.

What is a multi-team escape game?

Traditionally, live escape game is played in small teams in a room behind closed doors. Following many requests from our customers, Gamescape's team has designed a new kind of escape game. The multi team escape game is a new game format that allows all the players to play at the same time, at the same game, in the same place. Several teams compete in this challenge between up to nine teams of six players in the "secret de l'île" or seventeen teams at Caves Saint Sabin.

Why play a multi-team escape game?

Looking for an original and fun activity for a lot of people? Our giant escape game "Secret Society" has already won hundreds of groups for a team building, a private event, a school trip. Everyone gets caught up in the game as soon as you get in the mood. Upon arrival, players are given a mask and a black cape. After some explanation, the players embark on the adventure for 90 minutes of intense play. Prepare to live a real challenge!

How to book a giant escape game?

Multi-team escape game is bookable on request. We privatize the "Secret de l'île" for groups of eighteen to fifty-four people and the "Caves Saint Sabin" from fifty-four to a hundred people. We study any request beyond a hundred players via the mobile version of the game. For any request about the multi-team escape game, please call Irving at 06 64 33 23 84 or by email: [email protected]

How much does a multi-team escape game cost?

From eighteen to fifty-four people, the price of a giant escape game is 30€ per personn off-peak, and 35€ per personn in peak time. This price includes the presence of a gamemaster for three teams, the rental of the room, the game itself. The game lasts 90 minutes, it takes about two hours on the spot. Prices don't include VAT.
Beyond fifty-four people, request a quotation or contact us to estimate the cost of your event.